How We "RE-DEFINE" Learning?

The Gnana approach focuses on analysing your child’s inherent capabilities and abilities and focuses on their strengths to maximize their performance thereby eliminating undesirable behaviour. We guide the children in a direction that synchronizes with their inherent strengths, ultimately making them achieve success by performing happily.

The Gnana Approach your child would love to learn?

Step 1: Analyse the Student

We analyse each child on the basis of various parameters to understand his unique capabilities and abilities and identify the ways that they would love to be taught.

Step 2: Group Similar Minds

We group similar mind-sets among students to promote cooperation. This decreases the negative impact of competitiveness and also reduces comparisons with high performing peers.

Step 3: Personalized Teaching

We employ those teaching methods and techniques that personalize the learning approach to target the student through ways that are easy and comfortable to them so they can absorb the information happily.

Step 4: Maximize Performance

The Gnana learning approach helps to maximize ones capabilities, an approach that rewards their success and accelerates to achieve better. This approach rewards their success and accelerates a child to perform better.

How we group Students?

Repetition based Learning (RBL)​

These students need to put in more time and effort to learn the given information. Hence the emphasis is on repeating the same information repetitively to retain information for later use. These students need to be guided in a slow yet consistent manner and need to be monitored frequently.

Sequence based Learning (SBL)

These students need to have a gradual incremental learning from easy modules to more complex ones. Hence these students are made to learn in a sequential order in order to maintain flow and connection. These students need to be led with direction and speed.

Guidance based Learning (GBL)

These students are good learners but need a lot of guidance and direction so that they do not get distracted. These learners need guidance to maximise their potential. These students need to be disciplined.

Challenge based Learning (CBL)

These are very sharp and fast in learning any information but they soon lose interest if not presented with a challenge. Hence they detest routine and are always looking for a novel and challenging task. These students need to be given targets.

The Gnana Training Programs

The Pre-School (below 1st std.)

At entry level, we ensure that the little ones who are delicate and innocent slowly exhibit all their potential and strength. Gnana provides a platform for experiential learning through varied experiences, tasks and skills which also brings in discipline and order in their thinking and performing abilities.

The Tuition Center (1-10 std.)

In the main stream of regular schooling, students face various challenges. We diagnose whether the child is unable to meet standards or whether the child needs to be taught differently. Gnana’s approach speacilises in using the right method to the right child.

Redefine Learning Concepts by...

Dr. Damera Vijayalakshmi

Ph.D. (Psy.), Ph.D. (Edn.) L.L.M., GCC, CDC

Dr. Damera Vijayalakshmi is a seasoned educationist and psychologist having over three decades of experience which is responsible for her reputation as a famous insightful success strategist.

She conducts both group events and one-to-one sessions to help people overcome their challenges, dilute their weaknesses and evolve to achieve success be it in their professional or personal goals, ultimately making living happy.

She takes pleasure in making people realise their inherent capabilities’ and abilities and she also helps them to identify their strengths which are under-utilized and guides them to the path of success.  She capitalizes on their strengths to overcome challenges be it in their personal or professional life.

She truly believes that when people are able to understand and accept themselves as they are, they have made their first step to chase their challenges, initiating the direction for success.

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