About Gnana

About Gnana

Every child has their own inborn intrinsic nature. The purpose of Gnana is to make each child realise their own innate abilities and be a truly happy person.

Since children are too young to understand this concept, Gnana has designed such a program to bring about a strong foundation based on the child’s potential.

Equipped with the awareness, knowledge and realisation of the child’s capacities, education has been designed to make it a pleasant journey. When a child is happy and content he can acquire knowledge and perform as per expectations and can also make the impossible possible.

Teaching and Learning has been integrated with child’s capacities so that each child can succeed in their own manner, at their own speed, in a way that is comfortable but yet reaching the destination on time. Education should be able to lay a strong foundation and also pave the path for every child to achieve targets set by our system of education without leaving any child behind.

Gnana is a platform for children to express themselves and pave the path to success. Each person can fly high and be a happy successful citizen of our country. Gnana serves as a RUNWAY for the child’s future.